Do I need a license or insurance?
E-bikes do not require a license or insurance to operate.
What is the top speed?

Our e-bikes are capable of a maximum assisted speed of 20MPH, with the exception of the Easy Go Volt with a max speed of 16MPH.
The motor’s assistance will taper off when you hit max speed – the brakes will not be engaged, but you will be under your own power.

What is the max range?
The maximum range of an e-bike on a single charge is dependent on a few variables. The rider's weight, terrain, and the pedaling effort all play a role in range. Depending on the model, maximum range will be anywhere from 30 to 90 miles on a charge.
Is there a warranty?

Easy Motion e-bikes come with an industry-leading warranty: 5 years on any non-wear-and-tear item, such as the frame, and 2 years on electrical components.
The battery has a warranty of 2 years or 400 charging cycles, whichever comes first. A single charging cycle is 100% of the battery being charged, so a charging session that brings the battery from 80% to 100% is 20% of a full cycle.